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Tipo di lavoro: A Tempo Pieno

Agile Lab is a company founded in 2014 with the mission to create value for its customers in data-intensive environments through customisable solutions that establish performance-driven processes, sustainable architectures and automated platforms based on data governance best practices.

Having delivered over 100 successful Elite Data Engineering initiatives, we have used this experience to create Witboost: a modular, technology-agnostic platform that enables modern organisations to discover, value and produce their data in both traditional environments and fully compliant Data Mesh architectures.

With a highly skilled team of over 130 data engineers based in Europe, Agile Lab helps organisations with their data-driven transformation.

Take a look at our handbook to discover our core values and processes.


The opportunity:

We are looking to recruit a talented Data Engineer III to join our team.To be successful as a Data Engineer you should have excellent problem solving skills.

Salary: € 45K - 57.5K


  • Analyzes, designs, and implements complex systems;

  • Challenges the team processes, looking for ways to improve;

  • Mentors junior engineers via pairing, design, and code review;

  • Builds software solutions by adhering to our quality standards about SDLC;

  • Makes active efforts to stay up-to-date with technologies;

  • Leads the technical design of complex systems;

  • Understands and optimizes system performances;

  • Takes the initiative to fix issues before they become a problem;

  • Delivers complex systems, well-baked, and almost bug-free;

  • Proactively Identifies problems with requirements and project plan.



  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering or Computer Science;

  • Previous experience as a Data Engineer (3-5 years);

  • In-depth knowledge of Hadoop, Spark, and similar frameworks;

  • In-depth knowledge of programming languages including Java and Scala;

  • Expert in cloud-native technologies, IaC, and Docker tools;

  • Excellent project management skills;

  • Excellent communication skills;

  • Proactivity;

  • Business and functional understanding;

  • Team Player;

  • Ability to solve complex networking, data, and software issues;

  • Leadership capabilities.

We offer:

  • Full Remote or hybrid working in our offices: Milan, Turin, Padua, Bologna, Catania and Rende;

  • Real work life balance;

  • Training monthly budget (time and money);

  • A structured career path with clear expectations and salary for each level;

  • Support of a buddy, as a guide in choosing the most suitable experiences for your ambitions;

  • Benefits and corporate welfare programs: company prizes and welcome pack with all the equipment you need to work;

  • Smart Working Plus experience: opportunity to work for 2 weeks abroad;

  • Referral bonus, if you bring people as talented as you;

  • The opportunity to attend one conference per year;

  • Inclusive environment where you can be who you really are;

  • Stimulating environment oriented to growth, both professional and personal.

How we work: 

  • We don't like hierarchies: we work as a team;

  • We don't like bureaucracies, we prefer sense of responsibility;

  • We like data, certainly, so anything that is measurable;

  • We want to make a positive change in our industry;

  • Empathy, humility, collaboration, and willingness to challenge ourselves are the basis of our work.

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